Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Community Readerboard Sign Approved

The Los Osos Community Readerboard sign gained approval this morning in a 5-0 vote of the County Board of Supervisors.

The supervisors were considering an appeal of an earlier planning commission decision allowing the sign to be built at the northwest corner of the intersection of Los Osos Valley Road and South Bay Boulevard.

Local resident and sign proponent, Gary Dove, argued in favor of building the sign and handed out illustrations of what the sign would look like when installed.

"The supervisors said good things about the sign, that it would be a benefit to the community," Dove said with a smile. "They also voted to refund our land use permit fee of $2257."

The action today concludes four years of planning and fund-raising work among residents of Los Osos to establish the Readerboard sign.

(Full disclosure: During my year as president of the Los Osos Rotary Club we concentrated on financing the sign project and gathering community support for it. --Newsstand Greg)


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