Monday, September 12, 2005

COOGERS And The Los Osos CSD-Three

That Los Osos CSD-three, I'll tell ya, they sure know what's important! That's why they built a brand new million-dollar skate park for the out-of-town thugs who now hang out near the ATM around midnight on Los Osos Valley Road. Of course, this was done while a pipe at 8th st and El Morro ave has been dumping to the bay for 7 1/2 years without an NPDES Permit! Is this a great town or what?!

But don't answer yet folks, because the CSD-three are about to vote themselves the bond money tomorrow (voted 9/12/05--ed.) morning to scrape the hell out of the Tri-W proposed sewer site, even though it is going to kill, maim, and bury alive all the creatures there, and there are plenty! And this is all gonna be done by 3 guys who will be out of government forever in exactly 12 days!

C'mon, ya just gotta love that tender-hearted 'environmentalist' Gordon Hensley, member of the 'Waterkeeper Organization.'

And three cheers for the Los Osos CSD-three's 'P.I.O' (Public Information Officer, or as I call him, 'LIAR for HIRE'. Everyone got soooo mad about the baby deer pictures I sent out that he went on the defensive on TV, saying:

"Some sick individual dragged that deer to the construction site!" (That's an actual quote!)

And then, there's the hurricane. No, not Katrina, MARLA! Hurricane Marla Jo Bruton, member of the C.O.O.G.ers (Central Coast Ocean Outfall Group). We mosey'd into the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board meeting yesterday morning, all the 'COOGERS,' just in time to find out that public comment was to be held at 1:30 pm!! This was at 8:30 am.

Well, that may be ok for the 'tamer' folk, but not for the COOGERS!

Hurrican Marla Jo did begin to blow! Briggs, Young, Les Bowker, they all sat up there in puzzlement as to why this nice young lady was standing quietly at the podium michrophone as the meeting dragged on, and finally they asked her why. Tee hee.

Gale force winds arose as Marla Jo explained about how we were from "out of town", and "when did you start putting public comments off" and "you are discouraging the public from participating" and jeeze, that was enough! Les Bowker called for a RWQCB huddle! They stopped the meeting, and came back and gave us our public comment at 10:00 am! Only then did the winds subside. I told them all about my regional plan (as if they didn't know) and how I "Looked Forward to working with the board."

I heard later from activists that public comment for everyone else wound up being held at 4:30 pm! Folks, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! Thank you Hurricane Marla!

Well, I'll see ya all out there on the corner of Los Osos Valley Road and South Bay Blvd, for the next 14 straight days 'till the election! C'mon down and listen to my new megaphone! Its L-O-U-D, you can ask the CHP, they told me! I've started wearing white shirts and ties--it's kinda classy, like an old-time newspaper editor. Maybe I'll get some suspenders. Nah-they might think I'm the D.A.

And the newest chant is:


"Now Re- Re-Call, Re-Re- Re-Call, Recall!"

love your pal, joey


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joey, Joey, Joey!

The skate park was built by the County Parks Dept. It had nothing to do with the LOCSD.
The County snuck it in with very short notice to the residents of Los Osos
and without mailing timely public hearing notices to the residents of Los Osos.
To MY knowledge, they never held hearings in Los Osos, and IF THEY DID, I never received a notice. We were presented with a fact accomplished. I subsequently have heard that this skateboard park was built on this site on the recommendation of the Los Osos Community Advisory Group to the County. They sure kept it quiet! There is no doubt that a skateboad park is an asset to the community, but to put it where it is is a shame.
Of course many residents do not read the Tribune, Bay Breeze, or Lewd Times on a daily basis. I am one of them, so shame on me.
Most of the people here, myself included, who have rented the Grizzly area
and the Red Barn from the County Parks Dept. to hold weddings and other
events were, and are, very upset. They also did not want to lose the grassy
area where the skate park is now. Many weddings were held there. The
majority of the community felt that another area was called for. The LOCSD
was very afraid to build a skate park because of the liability issues ( The
County's liability is covered by a State policy. )

It would have been nice if you did your research about this, AND the
complete story of the wastewater mandated plant before spouting off with
misinformation in an attempt to malign the CSD-3.

As far as out of town thugs hanging out, this is entirely possible.
Sunday we had a function at the Red Barn. I did the cooking for a
barbeque. When I arrived at the area to start the fire, the area was a mess,
including empty beer cans. No trash cans were in sight. I understand from
the Park Ranger that the sheriff has been called on a few occasions already
to clear the skate board area after hours. We may need constant patrol, and
on site breath analysis to curb alcohol abuse.

Of other concern, I noticed four skateboarders in printed black tee shirts
with " George Bush, not my president ". Apparently your are more than
correct in assessing some of the users as being from "out-of- town".
Obviously these skateboarders were from " out-of-country ".

While we were holding the event, we were constantly subjected to people
passing through with skate boards, and some begging for food. I feel that
this was because the site was not finished in a timely matter as promised by
the County. There is also a severe parking problem there, that never existed
before the building of the skate park.

If you wish to be an effective political activist, please do it with facts,
and not speculation. " Open mouth, insert foot " is not effective political
Please apolozise for your attempt to propagandise misinformation in an atempt to malign the "CSD-3"

5:37 PM, September 14, 2005  
Blogger NewsstandGreg said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Joey doesn't have to say anything about the CSD-3. They have brought the recall on themselves by 1) not learning as they go along; 2) not adapting/revising plans to enlist community support; 3) displaying a bullheaded "my way or the highway" style of management. Can't call it leadership.

2:06 PM, September 18, 2005  
Blogger Spectator said...

Greg: Facts always trump opinions.
1. These guys were legitimately elected by the people of Los Osos.
2. We have a representative form of government. These representitives consider the opinions of the ignorant, misinformed, and knowledgeable. Then they come to some source of action. They act; we opine, and then nit pick if their actions are contrary to our opinions.
3. No representative or blogger has a crystal ball.
4. Hindsight is always 20/20 when one has the facts. Foresight is always uncertain.
5. We definitely get who we vote for, for better or worse.
6. If we do not vote, we compound the situation. Ignorant idiots may prevail.

We all are ignorant. We just do the best we can. But, that does not mean that we are not smart, and cannot educate ourselves.

Best regards from a truely ignorant person who understands that one cannot know everything, but also knows that one can find out about anything to the extent of current human knowledge, which may be absolutely wrong.

8:55 PM, September 18, 2005  
Blogger NewsstandGreg said...

Mr or Ms Spectator...which of my three points did you not understand?

When it walks like a duck, talks like a duck...well you probably know the rest. Look, listen and learn.

I'd venture to say we're all a lot less "ignorant" of these basic issues now.

Unless you really think a park in a sewer waste water treatment plant was a GOOD idea.

11:05 PM, October 15, 2005  

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