Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A world of our own

Back from the holidays!
Did the relative reunion thing up in Washington.
Had a great time being there of course, little kids around the tree, huge feasts, laughter.
Had a rough time getting there and back, flew commercial, delays in San Francisco caused airliner back-up that went into extra days.
Could have drove faster, Oh well--

Dose it happen to you?
When you visit someplace else, do you see things with "Los Osos" eyes?
Like running someone else's garbage disposer, you watch it disappear and think "Wow, modern living!"
You stop and stare at manhole covers
You secretly hope that they leave a sewer bill lying around face up
You read their local paper with particular attention to the crime and local politics.
Can you imagine the San Francisco Chronicle reporting crime ala "Bay News" Style?
I took a Bay News with me on the trip and left it on the coffee table
Hoo, was that funny!

We eventually made it home
Our bags? later.
And it was raining and blowing
As we drove by the Tri W site we saw that the tarps were all blown straight out,
kind of reminded me of a Marilyn Monroe picture.
A peek at something secret.
And there they were!
The Ponds Of Avalon!
The Dig had filled with water, there were at least three large pools.
Kind of ironic, doncha think?
Finally home.

Washington was wet and very green
But here I can hear the ocean,
when the waves are big, or when the tide is low.
It's my favorite noise
I particularly like living near the beach,
I was thinking about this blog before I left for Washington,
since I don't really have any huge agenda, I was thinking of writing about critters in our area
Everyone likes animal stories. (Don't they?)
So I thought I'd start with our westernmost denizens
In reality they live in Montana De Oro.
But, I Think Los Osos includes that park
Remember the time the County was going to let the State Parks people take over Pecho road and put up a toll booth?
That town meeting with Bud Laurent and the State Parks Rep. was as close to a tar and feathering I've seen.

Anyway, I was going to pick Sandcrabs
Lowly Common Sandcrabs
I know a few things about them, but I knew I needed to brush up on my marine biology, so I googled 'em
There in front of me (and I'm not making this up)
The Third web site down was
Calhoun Sandcrabs!
That lady gets around!
Kind of ruined my train of thought.

So next time I'm going to pick the Turkey Vultures.

Oh, by the way, I saw a bumper sticker yesterday, on a pickup truck

Los Osos
We can't agree about sh*t

Either that was one of our commentors, or people really DO read this stuff.

Where can I get one?
Mike Green


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